Is there a lack of trust for today’s young plumbers?

A recent study from WaterSafe has revealed that age is a large determining factor when it comes to homeowners deciding on which plumber to use in the UK.

Statistics from the leading plumbing assurance scheme’s study show 50% of homeowners prefer plumbers to be aged between 36 and 49 years old, followed by another 24% opting for those aged 50 and over.  This left only 21% of poll consumer’s votes for plumbers aged 26 to 35 and a shocking 4% for those aged 18 to 25.
The average age for the nation’s most trusted plumber is 41, which on reflection may seem quite normal for a tradesperson when taking experience into consideration.  However, it was also revealed that a massive 70% of homeowners don’t actually take the time to make the necessary checks on their plumber’s credentials!  

The plumbing assurance scheme responded to the survey with a warning for consumers, stating that age is no guarantee of skill level or professionalism within the trade.  

Director of WaterSafe, Julie Spinks, added that: “When it comes to the trade industry, there has always been an inherent degree of ageism – whereby it may be easy to assume that older traders, in having acquired years of experience, are more trustworthy.”

“However, the reality is the age of a tradesman is irrelevant – while experience is valuable, it’s all about their professional qualifications and skills set. After all, each year we continue to see truly gifted, hardworking younger installers enter the industry – and their talent must not be overlooked.”

The study seems overall quite unsettling for young plumbers to say the least.  It is certainly troubling to think that homeowners are making decisions based purely on age, instead of looking at the more important and relevant aspects, such as credentials.  It would definitely be a sound recommendation to research any tradesperson’s background before hiring as there has been a devastating amount of damage and money loss caused by rogue’s over the past few years.