Energy Efficiency Chart

Reducing Your Energy Consumption

Energy Efficiency – it’s a hot topic for everyone, whether you’re a domestic household looking for a cheaper way to heat your home, or a business trying to meet government regulations for carbon emissions.  The rise in awareness of climate change has created a need for new ways of doing things and as a result we’re seeing huge innovations in technology both in the domestic and commercial spaces, and some of the most exciting developments are in the plumbing industry.

For companies, there are many ways to help reduce the energy consumption rates on site, and there is one method in particular that is currently increasing in popularity around the UK – Heat Recovery.  Specialist organisations can now develop bespoke heat recovery systems that work to recover the waste heat that’s rejected from a building’s cooling system.  Essentially, you can recover heat for free!

These bespoke systems are gaining popularity, so if you haven’t already worked with one then we suggest that you get up to speed as the demand for them grows.  Watch this space for more information on bespoke heat recovery systems in the coming months.