Supporting UK Charities

At Duftons we’re proud to be a Yorkshire based company and we love to raise money and give back to those in need. Each year we organise charitable events throughout all of our branches and we’d like to tell you a bit more about just how we raise so much money.


Alice Wing Walking!

What did we do last year?

Throughout 2015 we held cake sales, golf putting competitions and lots of other fun activities to help raise money for Parkinsons UK, a charity very close to the hearts of many of our staff. One staff member went literally above and beyond to raise money, Alice from Head Office took part in a sponsored wing walk! When we found out about her idea we decided to pay for the wing walk itself so that all of the money raised went directly to the charity. Overall in 2015 we raised a whopping £11,500 for Parkinsons UK and we really hope to beat that record in 2016!

Duftons Tough Mudder Charity Work

Tough Mudder is electrifying!

What do we have planned for 2016?

Given that this year we’re celebrating Duftons’ 30th Birthday we’re going all out! Along with our usual charitable events a lot of the Duftons staff are completing Tough Mudder Yorkshire this year! In case you haven’t heard of Tough Mudder it’s a 16-20km obstacle course designed to put both your mind and body to the test. With 20 gruelling obstacles including: running through dangling wires which, when touched, shock you with 10,000 volts of electricity; crawling under barbed wire; climbing over 9 foot walls and some things we can’t even describe on here! We’ll be doing all this to raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation and you’ll be able to see our photos from the event in the latest news section in July.


One wish granted by Make A Wish!

How to donate:

We're accepting donations for Make-A-Wish Foundation, they're an amazing charity who do some fantastic work with children who are suffering from life-threatening illnesses. The charity grants magical wishes to children wish can include anything from being a Police officer for a day to visiting Lapland to meet Santa! If you'd like to read more about their incredible work visit the Wish Stories page of Make-A-Wish. If you'd like to help make more wishes come true then click below to sponsor us.

JustGiving - Sponsor now!

We’d like to say a huge thank you!

Although we organise these activities none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for you, our loyal customers. Not only do you support Duftons as a business but you’re extremely generous with your donations and we can’t say thank you enough.


Suggest a charity!

Do you know or work for a charity that could really do with our help? Send an email with as much information about the charity as possible to