Duftons Evohome Smart Heating System

Smart Heating Systems

According to the energy saving trust the 14% of homeowners are planning to install a smart meter/energy display in the next year! Whilst smart meters are very useful for monitoring the consumption of gas and electricity many people aren’t aware that there are also systems that control their heating system as well as monitor use. If your customers were to spend a little bit more on their system they could see huge savings on gas and electricity bills in the future!

Duftons Smart System

"Isn't it just a thermostat?"

Many consumers think that smart heating systems are simply thermostats to control the temperature of the entire house, this is correct for many of the devices on the market. For small houses or apartments these systems can be an ideal way to manage the heating whilst saving money. However there are some much more advanced products on the market. The Honewell Evohome system offers radiator valves that can be controlled by the wifi connected thermostat, meaning customers can heat individual rooms, potentially saving them a huge amount of money.

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Duftons Smart Meter

What about the Smart Meter roll out?

The UK government wants energy suppliers to install smart meters(different to smart heating systems) in every home in England, Wales and Scotland. This is in an effort to help tackle climate change. The roll out is planned to be complete by 2020. This does not however mean energy providers must offer smart heating systems, the smart meters will not necessarily control the heating. The smart meters installed will likely show customers exactly how much energy they’re using, what it costs and will also send accurate data directly to the energy supplier, meaning no more meter readings or estimated bills.

This means that those customers that want to control their heating with a smart system, rather than just monitor use, could still benefit from installing a product such as the Honeywell Evohome system.